Ibiza en BTT

Total distance: 227 Km

Elevation: 5.714 m

Technical difficulty: Medium

Physical difficulty: Medium





This is the base of our project. The original idea that gave way to this Adventure; tour the island across the paths and enjoy the route to the maximum, discovering the corners and admiring the crystal waters...

The tour is divided into stages adapted to the necessities of each individual.

We recommend 3 or 4 days in which to do this:


Tracks de Ibiza

The demanding option

Day 1: 67 km, elevation + 1.934 m
Day 2: 86 Km, elevation + 1.761 m
Day 3: 85 Km, elevation + 1.739 m


Adequate for everyone

Day 1: 55 km, elevation + 1.541 m
Day 2: 48 Km, elevation + 1.107 m
Day 3 : 73 km, elevation + 1.674 m
Day 4 : 64 km, elevation + 1.352 m





Tracks Formentera


For those who wish to know the smaller of pitiusas, we've designed a circular route which goes around the island, demonstrating this marvelous place.

You will fall in love with this place.


Formentera Tracks


Total distance 85 km

Elevation 785 m

Physical difficulty: medium

Technical difficulty: low


Silver Tracks


Rutas Ibiza has designed an alternative route for those who want to tour the island of Ibiza, using a shorter route.

This can be divided into 3 or 4 stages which will be easier than main Tracks.


Silver Tracks


Total distance 167 km

Elevation 3640 m

Physical difficulty: Medium:

Technical difficulty: Medium